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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

WELLNESS PLANS Our wellness membership plans make it easy to keep up with self-care and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Save $15 per session when you commit to an InHabit Wellness Plan. ​ Member Benefits Include: Our All-Inclusive Promise Priority booking​ Transfer & Share Credits Rollover Unused credits month to month Customize your plan by choosing 60, 90, or 120 minute session times 10% discount on additional services


Starting at $280/month

4 bodywork sessions (credits) per month. Typically scheduled 1x week targeting specific issues as we work to facilitate healing to the injured areas. Great for individuals with sports injuries, pre/post-surgical care, flared up medical condition or referral from a doctor.


Starting at $140/month

2 bodywork sessions (credits) per month. Typically scheduled bi-weekly, focusing on relaxing and restoring mind/body. We will target problem areas and prevent chronic conditions from worsening.


Starting at $70/month

​ 1 bodywork session (credit) per month. Designed to support and maintain your healthy lifestyle. Relaxing and restorative, sessions will focus on pain reduction, injury prevention and decreasing stress responses.

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