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The Massage Your Body Needs

inHabit Wellness

Our Studio

We are a boutique wellness studio, offering bodywork services in the comfort, privacy, and safety of a home office where we are dedicated to providing an exceptionally relaxing and clean experience in a non-commercial environment.


We are passionate about building collaborative relationships, and creating customized sessions unique to the individual healing process. We view massage therapy as an art, combining intuition, education and skill.

As a boutique massage studio, our commitment to quality is everything. Our bodywork is all-inclusive, more than just a treatment, but an experience. 

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About Us

All-Inclusive Promise

Our mission is to provide client-centered bodywork in a safe, judgement free space where we celebrate diversity.  We offer a flat-fee pricing structure so we can focus on achieving results

  • Highly trained, Licensed Therapists

  • Full session time on table.

  • Consultation every session.

  • Herbal Heat Therapy

  • Cold/Ice Therapy*

  • Ultrasound and E-Stim Therapy*

  • CBD, and other topical analgesics*

  • Sports Taping*

  • Gua Sha, IASTM, Theragun, Cupping

  • Comfort bolsters and "Happy Face" Cradle

  • Oversized table with warmer

  • LGBTQ+ Safe Space


Our Services


Integrative Bodywork

Designed to be restful and restorative this is our hurts so good and zone out type of session. Our Integrative Bodywork is about creating space in the body so healing can happen.  Expect an intuitive flow of customized hands-on and instrument assisted techniques that address the physical, emotional, and energetic levels of the body.  



Device Assisted Therapy

Our device assisted bodywork uses specialized instruments in place of our hands. A combination of percussive therapy, vacuum cupping, E-Stim, Ultrasound and IASTM may be used.  Sessions will stimulate intense blood flow, reduce inflammation and drastically improve range of motion. Expect to feel immediate results.


Wellness Plans

We've curated our wellness plans to be reparative, restorative, and facilitate healing. Starting a membership plan makes it easy to keep your regular sessions on autopilot. Pick a plan that works for you, enjoy discounts, and relax knowing there's one less thing to worry about.  

Massage Therapy


Corrective Bodywork

Designed  to be reparative and productive this is our no pain no gain and zone in type of session. Our Corrective Bodywork is results driven and goal focused to restore postural function and balance. Expect a combination of super deep massage, instrument assisted therapy, cupping, and customized bodywork to address specific areas



Mobile Chair Massage

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with clothes on.  Sessions are 5-20 min. per person and excellent for corporate functions, employee wellness programs, weddings, parties and other health events. Expect hands-on techniques, use of our therapeutic device assisted tools and topical analgesics.

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