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Bodywork Rates

We are a boutique integrative bodywork studio offering premium services.  Our flat-fee pricing structure is reflective of our mission, to provide all-inclusive, client-centered care utilizing our unique Integrative Model.  Our "Hurts So Good" bodywork, is designed to be restorative and create a healing space in the body. Whether you seek Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, or one of our advanced therapies, expect an intuitive flow of customized hands-on and device-assisted techniques that address the physical, emotional, and energetic levels of the body.   

Bodywork Rates

30 Minutes

Non-Member/ $75
Member/ $65


60 Minutes

Non-Member/ $125
Member/ $105

Neck Massage

90 Minutes

Non-Member/ $185
Member/ $155

Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans


Heal Plan

4 Bodywork sessions (credits) per month scheduled once weekly. This corrective and reparative plan targets a specific problem or goal. Great for individuals seeking pain relief, post-surgical care, or have an acute or chronic medical condition.


Transform Plan

2 bodywork sessions (credits) per month scheduled bi-weekly.  This integrative and restorative plan continues targeting root cause problems, prevents chronic conditions from worsening, with an emphasis on reducing overall stress and pain.


Support Plan

1 bodywork session (credit) per month scheduled once monthly.  Designed to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Relaxing and restorative, sessions focus on the physical healing process, prevention and enhancing overall mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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